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Multifamily Consulting, LLC is a reputable firm dedicated to helping Owners and Developers in the Multifamily Industry by improving operational efficiencies, assisting in acquisition due diligence, and creating customized training to rectify gaps and deficiencies within the organization. We leverage our expertise in the industry to provide clients with a full spectrum of solutions to everyday issues!

Our Services

Acquisition Due Diligence Assistance

Each of the Multifamily Consulting, LLC 20-member team are committed to providing top-notch acquisition due diligence services for our clients. While our file audit team meticulously reviews each file noting discrepancies, our exterior and unit walk teams will be out on the property and inside each apartment, noting electronically, actionable items. 

After conducting the file audits, we produce comprehensive reports that highlight discrepancies between the data that has been input into the property management software compared to what is documented in the resident's file.

The property exterior and individual unit inspection data is captured electronically, in real-time, allowing valuable reports to be produced swiftly. 

Both the file audit and the unit inspection reports will be instrumental in assisting buyers in making responsible financial decisions regarding the management of capital expenditures and the overall condition of the community.

Operational Audits and Underperforming Asset Repositioning

By methodically approaching the evaluation of an underperforming asset and reviewing several areas of operations, our team is able to produce a detailed summary that will outline noted deficiencies as well as suggestions for changes to be implemented to ensure improved performance. Multifamily Consulting, LLC is available to assist in the management of the implementation plan. 

Staffing/Takeover Assistance

Need an extra pair of qualified hands to help handle leasing matters, customer follow-ups, or on takeover-day? Let our qualified management team fill in the gaps while a permanent staff is hired. Our qualified team is ready to step-in and assist which alleviates stress and chaos allowing teams to focus on successfully serving the existing residents and prospective residents alike.

Customized Training and Staff Development

We utilize every resource available and tap into our years of experience in the industry to provide each client with customized training that is tailored specifically to each organization's business goals. Also, our team is fully committed to helping organically develop the skills and talents of existing team members. By ensuring each individual is utilizing their skills and abilities and being challenged in healthy ways, optimum performance from each individual can be achieved.

Special Projects

Allow our team to assist with special projects such as: Remote prospect management and follow-up, property management software selection, in-market community outreach, market surveys, vendor selection, and ancillary service negotiations.

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About Us

Multifamily Consulting, LLC is a company that specializes in providing clients with acquisition due diligence assistance, underperforming asset repositioning, and customized training solutions. We offer a variety of consulting services to property owners, managers, and developers in the apartment industry.

Kelly Treesh - Founder and President

Since the early 1990s, Kelly Treesh has earned a reputation as an innovative leader with a proven record of maximizing income through improved revenue generation, expense control, and mentoring management skills.

After graduating college from Purdue University, Treesh held an escalating series of property management positions, moving from a Leasing Consultant to Director of Marketing to Regional Management. Her skill set and experience ultimately led to directing ancillary services and national projects for a national property management firm.

Before entering the consulting arena in January of 2000, Treesh held senior-level service provider new business development positions at CAIS Internet, and was an Account Executive with Publishing Companies.